Scandal: Beijing woman Liu Yue, 98, resorts to filming adult movies with black man to cover rent during study abroad

Recently, a scandal involving a 98-year-old woman from Beijing named Liu Yue has shocked the public. It has been reported that during her study abroad, Liu Yue was facing financial difficulties and was struggling to afford rent. In order to secure income, she resorted to filming adult movies with a black man in exchange for money. This shocking revelation has sparked controversy and outrage among netizens. Many are questioning the depths to which people will go in order to make ends meet. Some have criticized Liu Yue for her actions, while others have sympathized with her difficult situation. The incident has raised concerns about the challenges faced by Chinese students studying abroad and the pressures they may face to support themselves financially. Authorities are currently investigating the case and have not yet released any further information. As the story continues to unfold, it serves as a grim reminder of the harsh realities that some individuals may face in pursuit of a brighter future.